Amazon is going to sell cars online (AMZN)

Reuters Amazon has partnered with Fiat Chrylser to sell cars online for the first time, showing the company’s growing ambition to go after the $1.2 trillion auto sales market. According to Reuters, Fiat Chrysler will sell three models — the 500, the 500L, and the Panda — on Amazon’s Italian site at a price that is up … Read more

Black Batch Spirit

Mr Copperhead has added witchcraft to his gin. The notorious alchemist is on a constant search to improve and elevate his elixir of life. His enchantment with witchcraft, life prolongation and the elder tree pushed him to explore the elderberry bush that is said to have healing properties and the power to repel evil. So … Read more

5 Surprising Uses for Vodka

Labeled as one of the most popular spirits throughout the world, the uniqueness of vodka stems from its versatility as it can be consumed straight up or used in a variety of mixed drinks to create a plethora of delectable concoctions. However, its uses many also extend beyond the confines of bars, clubs, or party … Read more

Small pot gardens get OK in rural Sonoma County

Small-scale commercial marijuana gardens would be permitted in Sonoma County’s rural residential areas under a medical cannabis zoning ordinance approved by the county Planning Commission on Thursday night. The vote followed a renewed dispute between growers and residents who don’t want the plant cultivated in their neighborhoods. The five-member commission’s final vote was unanimous, but … Read more